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Sylvester Stallone Will Not be Starring in Not Rocky XXX
(Hollywood, CA) One of the most inspirational movies of all time will get the porn parody treatment when X-Play creates Not Rocky XXX. The porn spoof of the Sylvester Stallone classic is being directed by Will Ryder for a late January release and promises to leave viewers hyped and inspired.

"I remember when I went to the theater with my friends to watch the first Rocky movie and we wanted to kick ass when it was over," Ryder said as he munched on a bagel and ham sandwich at a popular Hollywood restaurant.

"Fast forward three decades later and the only difference is that after watching our porn parody you will emerge ready to fight but you'll have a big boner getting in your way," joked Ryder.

Not Rocky XXX carries the engaging theme of underdog versus corporate giant in a rags-to-riches adventure that will feature many of the famous characters that caused Rocky to become such an enormous hit. Fantastic supporting players such as Apollo Creed, Paulie, trainer Mickey Goldmill, Clubber Lang and of course the faithful Adrian will be fully exposed bringing this boxing adventure to life.

Scantily clad ring girls, gorgeous fight groupies and beautiful prostitutes will be engaging in sex making this a true-to-life tale about the grizzled world of prize fighting.

This will definitely be one of the year's must-see porn events and will follow-up on X-Play's early January release of Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman XXX parody.

"Rocky is one of the most successful movies ever made and this will be a really enjoyable parody," stated X-Play co-producer Scott David. "I can just see it now, "Yo Adrian�.. can I get a BJ?"

Actual boxing sequences are being shot helping to bring this movie to the level of other X-Play parodies such as Not the Bradys XXX, Not Married with Children XXX, Not MASH XXX, Not Charlie's Angels XXX and Not Airplane XXX and many more award-winning movies.

Not Rocky XXX will be in stores in late January.

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About Will Ryder & X-Play

Will Ryder is an award-winning adult movie director that together with production partner Scott David has created some of the biggest commercial successes in recent porn history. Named the 2010 AVN Director of the Year along with the 2010 XRCO, CAVR, XCritic Director of the Year honors which followed his 2009 XBiz Director of the Year award, Ryder has joined the industry's elite as the premiere creative director and driving force behind the porn-parody movement. With dozens of #1 selling titles such as Not the Bradys XXX, Not Bewitched XXX, Flight Attendants, Not the Cosbys XXX, Not Married with Children XXX, Not Mash XXX Not Charlie's Angels XXX and over 100 young girl titles including Barely Legal for Hustler, Ryder has carved out a spectacular resume which earned him the NightMoves Lifetime Achievement Award and over two dozen AVN, XRCO, CAVR, RogReviews and XCritic awards. His X-Play production house (home of sitcums.com) continues to set a high bar for those that follow. Upcoming movies include spoofs of Animal House, Jennifer Lopez, Rocky and The Six Million Dollar Man & Bionic Woman and the Wizard of Oz. X-Play & Will Ryder Major Awards

Will Ryder:

2010 XRCO Best Director (features) 2010 AVN Director of the Year 2010 XBiz People's Choice- Porn Director of the Year 2009 XBiz Director of the Year- Individual Project 2009 CAVR Director of the Year 2008 CAVR Director of the Year 2009 NightMoves Lifetime Achievement Award winner 2009 XCritic- Director of the Year

X-Play Movie Awards: 2010 AVN Best Comedy- Flight Attendants 2010 AVN Best Parody- Not the Cosbys XXX 2010 XBiz Best Parody Release- Not the Bradys XXX Marcia Marcia Marcia 2010 XRCO Best Release- Flight Attendants 2010 XRCO Best Comedy/Parody- Not Married with Children XXX 2010 XCritic- Movie of the Year- Not the Cosbys XXX 2010 XCritic- Best Parody- Not the Cosbys XXX 2010 Rogreviews Critic's Choice Best Feature- Not the Cosbys XXX 2009 AVN Best Sex Comedy- Not Bewitched XXX 2009 NightMoves- Best Comedy/Parody- Not the Cosbys XX 2008 NightMoves- Best Comedy/Parody- Not Bewitched XXX 2009 XRCO Best Comedy- Not Bewitched XXX 2008 XRCO Best Comedy- Not the Bradys XXX 2007 XRCO Best Comedy- Britney Rears 2006 CAVR Feature of the Year- Britney Rears

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